3MT Competition

The U21 3 Minutee Thesis (3MT) provides graduate students with the opportunity to develop their academic, presentation, and research communication skills by explaining their research to an intelligent but non-specialist audience. Local competitions challenge students to present face-to-face, and the subsequent final virtual competition hones skills associated with being filmed for an international audience, receiving international peer review, and gaining skills surrounding the presentation of their research to a wider audience. Learn more here.

UConn students interested in participating should visit the Graduate School website.

2018 Entry

Armin Rad: A Tumor on a chip device for Individualised Screening of Chemotheraputic Drugs


2016 Entry - U21 3MT People's Choice Award Winner

Islam Mosa: ‘Miniaturised Power Sources for Implantable Bioelectronics: Ultrathin Power Sources for Cardiac Pacemakers’