HSG Global Learning Partnership

Universitas 21 (U21) Health Sciences Group will hold a virtual Global Learning Partnership -- a virtual student mobility opportunity for health sciences students -- in 2021.

Global Learning Partnerships (GLP) is a unique global program that aims to bring together staff and students from various academic institutions across the globe in order to learn about and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). Through an international partnership and shared learning activities, the GLP generates mutually beneficial educational experiences for participants focused around the UN SDG's, leadership, building community capacity and advocacy. Students who participate in a GLP placement have the opportunity to learn and contribute to the SDG's, work as part of an inter-disciplinary team and build ongoing, interactive relationships across the globe. Students are selected from a variety of health disciplines to work in collaboration with the partner university to serve communities in Nepal and exchange knowledge, ideas and research. The program will run from 18 July-13th August 2021 and will include:

The Global Learning Partnership (GLP) programme is a student placement experience that has been running since 2016 by the UN Sustainable Development Goal group, one of the project groups of U21 HSG. The UN SDG group's vision is to facilitate the training of health sciences students to develop tools to be used by academics that aim to increase awareness of the SDGs. After the successful pilot in 2016 we have partnered again this year with Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences in Nepal to run the programme with a group of students from U21 HSG member universities.

The Model

The key purpose of the GLP is to encourage close collaboration and sharing of information between students and staff across all universities, and across all cultures. It also focuses closely on the inclusion of host-country students and academics and is designed to encourage and build global citizenship amongst all participants.

The programme provides students from a variety of health professions across U21 HSG member universities an opportunity to work with health science students from a university in a country where the SDG’s are relevant.

The benefits

The following principles underpin the design of the GLP:

·         Global health experiences result in attitudinal change and increased cultural understanding

·         Interprofessional education results in effective healthcare clinicians

·         International partnerships result in capacity building, mutually beneficial educational gain and resource sharing

Applications can now be submitted through UConn's Education Abroad office.